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14.01.2020 03:20
I think that helps a lot too.”Pace said Antworten

The Bears likely knew they were going to lose safety Adrian Amos this offseason Chicago Bears T-Shirts , after drafting and developing him.But their disappointment in losing a talented young player was mitigated by finding an only slightly less young safety who is ready to prove himself for several reasons.Via J.J. Stankevitz of , the Bears think that replacing Amos (who went to the Packers) with former Packers (and briefly Washington) safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix can still be a “win-win.”While Amos rang the bell with a long-term deal, Clinton-Dix took a one-year deal in hopes of a good season with a great defense can help him find his security next year (if people are still signing safeties then).“A lot of times if it gets to that point (where the agent and player) can say hey, I want another bite at the apple if I play well and sometimes it’s financially advantageous for us too ,” Bears General Manager Ryan Pace said. “And hey let’s just be honest, usually these one-year deals, they are very motivated and he has the right makeup and character to come in and play well. And he fits well into the defense and obviously the familiarity with [former Alabama teammate] Eddie Jackson, I think that helps a lot too.”Pace said he was “proud” that Amos was able to get a four-year Chicago Bears Hoodie , $37 million deal with the Packers, and not just because it might give the Bears a chance at a rare comp pick (they haven’t had one since 2009). 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens is getting his first NFL playing time this season and it’s been a learning experience on many fronts.One of the ways to learn is by making mistakes and Mullens did that while running the victory formation in a win over the Broncos last month. He learned another lesson on the final play of Sunday’s 14-9 loss to the Bears.Mullens was rolling to the right on fourth-and-five with ample running room in front of him to pick up a first down with just over a minute left to play, but he chose to try a low-percentage throw to wide receiver Marquise Goodwin in the end zone. The ball was incomplete and the 49ers had their sixth one-score loss of the season.“I should have ran,” Mullens said , via the . “I didn’t run. In the heat of battle things happen fast. You make split-second decisions. I saw Quise down the field and tried to give him a chance instead of making the simple play.”The 49ers may have lost the game after Mullens ran for a first down and it certainly wasn’t the only chance they missed to make a play over the course of the afternoon, but it was a lamentable mistake that Mullens wanted back “the second I threw it.”


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