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There are a lot of classic plots in the book, and there are a lot of them. I ca n��t repeat them one by one. With a few points, I ��ll just say a few words. The scenes that impressed me are those at the time Architecture, those luxurious churches that symbolize power, people still do n��t know that they can have their own thoughts and what they can do for their own wishes. Everything is borrowed from the sacred religion. Aesthetics is also the talent of a person, or the ability to show one's ability. I think people at that time buried humanity deeply under the cloak of a sacred religion. The typical character is the vice-bishop Claude. From the many intricate and unstructured buildings, it is not difficult to see how the people's hearts were repressed and how manic. The steeple of the church that sprung out from the ground like bamboo shoots was exactly the twisted soul of the people. Doing this silent wailing to the sky! The church is so eerie and horrifying, which is reminiscent of the filth and corruption of the society at the time, the religion of truth, goodness and beauty, and the use of religion to create bloody events, forming a strong sensory stimulus. The whole chapter is conducted under such a control, and people's minds deeply experience confusion, confusion, and anxiety. If you have a sharp sword, you will do your best to pierce the layer of clouds over society The overcast summer reading notes & film and television drama reviews. Selected reading notes. Film and television drama reviews. Book reviews. Stage art reviews. The feeling of reading is evil. But you can't, because if you want to stab those evils, you must first bring down God, who stands for truth, goodness, and beauty Marlboro Gold. What a cruel thing! Is there any more sorrow than the loss of human nature! What impresses me is that these figures represent the beautiful and kind girl-Esmeralda. She not only has a charming appearance, but also a pure and kind heart. From her treatment of the goat, she rescued the downcast poet. For Cazimodo, who has hurt herself, the water and compassion she gave, and the sacrifice of love , Wait, we see that she is beautiful, there is no dirt on her body, and she is not polluted. But how are such angelic girls treated? Wandering, living in the dirtiest environment, was rejected and ridiculed by the so-called high society, played with, abandoned, framed, threatened, and finally made a complete sacrifice Newport Cigarettes. The book describes such a society and the status of various characters in that social life, numb like the Forbes, the bottommost like the hermits in the rat hole, crazy bishops, and The ugliest Katzimodo who tried his best to resist. The bishop and Katzimodo formed a stark contrast in human nature Newport 100S. They also fell in love with the beautiful girl and were also rejected. Their love was so warm. So sincere, but one is possession, the other is dedication, the purpose of possession, when the purpose cannot be achieved, he thinks of destruction and destruction of others; for the purpose of dedication, when unable to dedicate, think of It is also destruction. Destroying yourself more reveals the sorrow and helplessness of the little people in the cruel world of life.
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