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The book "Pride and Prejudice" was already exposed in college. It was just that I saw the emotional entanglement between the male and female protagonists, the ups and downs of the mood, let people immerse in it, after a few years, read it again, do not have a flavor. Pride and Prejudice is also a novel about the love and marriage of young men and women. However, unlike other works, this novel focuses on the love entanglement between the hero and heroine, and describes four marriages in total. It is the author's most comedic and most fascinating work. In his book, Austin raised the issue of morality and behavior through the contrastive description of four marriages. In addition, Pride and Prejudice shows us that love and marriage are not only a personal issue, but also a social issue. When people think about marriage, they should not only patronize themselves Marlboro Gold, but also be responsible to relatives and friends, and to society. This is a twisted but also beautiful love story. The heroine Elizabeth is a middle-class woman who is courageous in pursuit of love, beautiful and intelligent Newport 100S, strong and lovely. The story is mainly based on her disgust, respect, and admiration for Mr. Darcy from the beginning. It also intersperses with several happy or unfortunate marriages that happened to her, revealing the author's love and love for women of that era. Ideals and expectations. In the story, the heroine Elizabeth sees the heroine Darcy at first sight, and the arrogance of the heroine's personality makes her prejudiced. And the actor Darcy, an arrogant man who is not welcomed and disdainful of the cold interpersonal relationships around him, to him, arrogance may be reasonable, but prejudice is ruthless. The impact of these two is inevitable. Because of this, the two people often have tit-for-tat rhetoric. The arrogance and prejudice between each other caused unpleasantness and misunderstanding at the beginning, but after clarification of various events, they gradually developed a little affection. Darcy stands for "arrogance" and Elizabeth stands for "prejudice", and they are initially drawn by their emotions. Then a series of rumors against Darcy made Elizabeth disgusted with Darcy. When Darcy was rejected from Elizabeth's proposal, he said: "If I use some tricks to cover up my inner contradictions, I will always compliment you and make you believe that I am no matter intellectual, intellectual or other In all respects, I have unconditional and pure love for you, so maybe you will not have these harsh scolds. Unfortunately, no matter what kind of disguise, I hate it. "Darcy did not change to please Elizabeth His arrogance. Elizabeth also showed a very real self, and did not deliberately create impressions with each other, showing the most authentic side. At the beginning, Elizabeth always lived under her prejudice Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and ignored the truth of thinking about the facts. After Darcy's explanation and her own judgment, she finally found a happy destination. Pride and prejudice are our common weaknesses and faults. In fact, everyone is easily driven by their own subjective impressions, so it is easy to make incorrect comments to other people, which leads to misunderstandings between each other. Although the first impression given by a person can affect many things, it does not necessarily change. A deeper understanding is necessary to have a more objective argument. It is like the heroine's view of Darcy in the story is Because understanding has changed. Life requires understanding and communication, and only on the basis of understanding each other can one mak
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