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18.11.2019 04:32
I am with you Antworten

I am with you, like the encounter between the dragonfly and the water surface, licking across the water, a circle of ripples, smudge the beauty of the evening, however, the dragonfly flies away, leaving only your calm lake, no trace. I want to tell you, my strength, my fragility; my happiness, my troubles. I want to tell you, a real me, a superior me, a me who will make the lake rough. I am not strong. Because I was crying silently, I crashed down before the end, and I also faced myself in the future. I used the tears to hide the past, cover up the weakness with tiredness, and use escape to avoid failure. It seems that I am vulnerable Cigarettes Online, but I cannot say that I am vulnerable. Because I know that I have boldly faced the challenge. On the muddy road, I crawled and explored. Although, I have been discouraged many times, in the end, I still stood up. Because, I have regained my ambition, I am eager for the sun, I am going to the sun, I am not humble. Because, in the face of success, I will be drunk, will be complacent, will cheer for myself. I will be excited when I bring others' praises. I will relive my pride and even say: I appreciate myself! This may make you feel that I am very proud, but I don't think I am proud. Because I know that I am in danger, I also know that a mountain is taller than a mountain. While immersing myself, I will ring the alarm in my heart and tell myself that I can't forget it. Standing on the verge of success, I will remind myself to face the reality clearly. But I will not let go of that pride, because that is the source of my self-confidence, the driving force for success. I am not outstanding. Because, I don't have Superman's IQ, no extraordinary beauty, and no amazing family background. I don't like Li Bai, I have a romantic feeling of bohemian, but I said, I am not ordinary, because no one has a mouth like me. I have such eyes, no one has my happiness, sadness, my happiness. I am unique. I am Qinhuang Yizheng: Jiangshan is in hand, the imperial tomb has been built, the Great Wall is majestic, and there is no regret in this life. I am a poet, Tao Yuanming: Under the Chrysanthemum, I saw Nanshan leisurely. I want to tell you: Please remember me, a complicated individual, no words can simply summarize me, no one can easily replace me, please remember me, don't forget me, I want to stop you forever on the lake Marlboro Red.
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