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07.11.2019 02:52
It is silent, he does Antworten

It is silent, he does not laugh. I didn��t understand things when I was young, I always loved the cool temperature. I used to linger on the ice. Growing up, the ice seems to be unable to withstand my growing weight. I am no longer going to go. As the days rush, the ambiguous consciousness is sprouting, and has a certain opinion of the things around. When I saw the ice, I would faintly reveal a trace of awe from the bottom of my heart, no longer close to him, but my heart was afraid of disturbing him and thinking about the thin temperature of his body. Such contradictions are intertwined. He never smiled in memory, he may have laughed but never told me. In the rebellious period of youth, I thought sadly, "He doesn't love me." This self-destruction, but never thought about facing the question. It may be that the respectfulness of the image that made him in my heart sacred and tall. In front of him I am petite and have no sense of existence. At the festival, all of them went home to reunite. The mother is still so gentle, caring, like a fire, slightly warming my lonely, cold heart. It��s just ice, how do you become so embarrassed, when did the white hair between the two eyes appear? When did the wrinkles of the horns of the eyes rise up? There are tears in the corner of your eyes Cheap Cigarettes, but you are slightly screaming. "Nothing! Good boy, don't cry!" This unclear lie makes tears fall, silently telling your dishonesty, really makes me feel bad. "Daddy's mother left with her brother. You stayed and set up clothes for me to prepare for school. Father, why are you working so hard? These are all me, don't worry about me! Father Parliament Cigarettes, please forgive me when I was not sensible. I still don't understand your love until now, then I really face myself. Your love is so deep, and the expression is not as good as the iceberg. I ignore you like an iceberg. Huge love. How big is the iceberg, how deep your love is. Mother's love is water, your love is ice, sleeping water in the iceberg

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