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07.11.2019 02:52
Dandelion will miss the wind Antworten

Dandelion will miss the wind, after all, they have traveled together; flowers will miss the butterfly, they have played together; the heart will miss the scenery, because they met each other; I will miss it, because our time is like the sand in the hourglass, the passage Flying fast, fleeting, and without paying attention, slip away from the fingertips, like running water, never go back. The seasons are changing again and again Newport 100S, and the beautiful memories are gradually waking up. No! I want to wake him up to the book of the room, pack up the bag and wait for the next day to go to school happily. I have no opinion to see the bottom of the container. I want to "revisit the place to revisit", I patted the dust above, sat in the chair, and turned it open quietly. "This is when I was three years old, when I was playing in the park Parliament Cigarettes, I was scared by foreigners." My mother, how can I take it down and throw away the dead?" I muttered to myself while turning over. "This is not a photo of my cousin when I was not on my fourth birthday. At the time, our faces were covered with cream." The brain filled the picture at that time and couldn't help but laugh. "This...". Seeing this, my mood suddenly became heavy. "This photo... this one... Oh! I remembered that I quickly ran to the closet, rummaged through the cabinet, almost turned all the clothes over, I couldn't find the sweater. Maybe it was in my mother, that's right. Really in him. At the bottom of the mother's wardrobe, the black and white print of Fang Bri is wrapped in my favorite sweater when I was a child. I felt the finely-knit sweater and looked at the slightly yellowed photo, that memory. As the spring water emerges, "Children, my mother will give you a sweater, some of the sweaters bought are not good, often tie the ball, Mom will weave you Marlboro Lights." "Mom stroked my head. "Okay! Ok! "I was afraid of my mother's arms and said with a smile. Winter is very cold, but my mother often does not wear gloves. She said that after wearing gloves, the hands are not flexible, and the sweaters are not woven. In the middle of the night, I don't bother me." I wore a sweater under the small table lamp and looked at the mother in the photo in the middle of the night. I was shocked when I had a few more wrinkles in his eyes. When was the silver hair on her head a few more, when she The skin on my face is a little slack. I haven��t seen her carefully for a long time. Every face has a dream: every light guides the front; every home has her, guarding you and growing up healthily. No. A drop of eye can change back to the time of time, time is time, then don��t worry, don��t let the most charming stars deep inside be annihilated
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