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Auto Restoration - Successful Steps To A Great Looking Car Autos Articles | April 4 Cheap Jordan 11 , 2008
This outline should give you a basic idea of how a good auto restoration works, and some great pointers to a successful project.

Auto restoration is a big undertaking, but if done right can save you money and give you more customization. Below is a general overview of the points needed to do the work and your particular job may differ in some ways. Most importantly you should focus on doing these procedures safely while using the proper protective gear for yourself as well as others.

There are seven steps to a basic auto restoration.

Inspection and Evaluation

1) First wash the vehicle to allow for a clear look of all surfaces.2) Make a list of parts needed that can be seen at this time.3) Make a list of labor that that can be seen at this time.4) Make list of tools and materials needed, such as a compressor, air regulator Cheap Jordan 10 , air hose and hardware,?hand tools, and?other metal working tools as needed. Sandpaper and fillers will be necessary as well.


1) Expand on part list as you disassemble vehicle.2) Organize lose parts.3) Take detailed photosvideo of complicated areas before disassembly.4) Find safe storage for delicate parts5) Do not dispose of any parts unnecessarily until the vehicle is finished. This is very important.

Clean, Strip and Protect Metal Parts

1) Before stripping be sure to have tools and materials in place for coating, such as: A good?rust converter?for rust that will not be removed Cheap Jordan 1 , and a good primer to help protect the metal while body work is being done.2) Power sand, sand blast, plastic media blast or chemically strip: Rotary sander?should be variable speed used below 1000 RPM.

Do the Metal Repairs and Filler Work

1) Get decent tools like a?die grinder,?stud welder,?MIG welder?and?hand tools.2) If the job is large , concentrate on one or two areas at a time.3) This is the time for filler tools and materials. Use decent filler and sandpaper; it isn't worth purchasing cheap products. A dry guide coat is recommended for leveling the fillers.

Finish the Body Work and Start Priming

1) Polyester Putty is usually the final filler.2) Direct to metal primer then 2K (filler) primer is applied.3) Undercoating is usually done?prior?to doing the finish painting. Good "direct-to-metal" paints can protect the underside from deterioration.

The Painting Process

This is one of the most important processes of auto restoration and takes a lot of preparation and time. If you are planning on restoring your car, definitely look into this process further, as well as the other processes.


After waiting for the paint to harden somewhat you can sand with ultra fine sandpaper (usually between 600 and 2500 grit) to?remove orange peel, dust nibs,?runs and other surface imperfections. If paint is fully cured Cheap Air Jordan Shoes , compounding and?polishing takes longer, but is less likely to be damaged.

As mentioned earlier, if you are truly planning to restore your automobile, hopefully this gives you a rough outline of what you need to do, but you should certainly look into it further to give you a full idea of a complete auto restoration.

Private Equity (PE) Funds Rising In Delhi NCR Real Estate Business Articles | September 13 Cheap Jordan Retro Shoes , 2014
The NCR-especially Gurgaon and Noida-has always been one of the strongest residential markets for India, driven by affordable pricing and a multitude of product offerings that are available for buyers.

The Private Equity (PE) INVESTMENT in the actual estate market of Delhi-NCR is expected to go up by around 50 percent, in the presence of new government. The real estate professional opined, that investment in the real estate sector has been sluggish, however the segment is expecting immense surge in post election scenario. The investment sentiment of most institutional investors about the NCR continues to stay upbeat. The NCR regions especially Gurgaon and Noida has always been of the strongest residential markets for India Cheap Jordan Shoes For Sale , driven by affordable pricing and a sizable number of product offerings that are available for buyers.

Delhi-NCR will continue to see increase investments in to housing due to the strong demand drive in the region, coupled with the fact that Delhi as a metropolitan city does not generate any significant housing supply in the mid-market segment, leading to a spill-over of such demand in to the peripheral locations of Noida and Gurgaon. Today the PE money is around 10% of the net actual estate market liquidity in Delhi-NCR. Now post election it is expected to increase around 50 to 60% in year, provided there is rise in the investments. For private equity funds, NCR property market is regarded as of the preferred choices. Indian real estate sector has gained an increase of 28 % as compared to the earlier quarter and 2.5 times the equity investment in first quarter of 2013 Cheap Air Jordan , as per the document by Cushman and Wakefield. Delhi NCR actual estate has already attracted private equity investment of Rs.80 Cr in Q1, 2014. No doubt, pretty valuations and low level of bank funding to the sector has played their part.

With affordable property prices, Delhi NCR region has always been a powerful player in Indian real estate. Noida and Gurgaon would be the major beneficiary of the PE investments in Delhi-NCR. Gurgaon, Sohna Road and Noida would be the preferred area for the PE investors in Delhi-NCR.Major destinations for PE investment of NCR will be Noida Cheap Jordan Retro , Greater Noida (west) Yamuna expressway and Ghaziabad. Formation of a stable government has made a positive impact in helpi. Wholesale Nike Shoes Cheap Wholesale Air Jordan Cheap Wholesale Air Max Cheap Cheap Nike Shoes Wholesale Cheap Air Max Wholesale Nike Air Max Wholesale Max Shoes Wholesale Nike Shoes Shop Wholesale Nike Shoes Online Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes


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