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it is tired of singing, and he alwa Antworten

We live in a family of three generations, grandfather, father, uncle, me and cousin. Our first home was in a lane in Shijiazhuang. The house was quite big. Outside the door was a lane similar to Beijing Hutong. It was narrow and long and stretched out into the street. I lived in Shijiazhuang for eight years, during which I moved twice. First, I had a little cousin, and then I came to a younger brother, my brother. After a few more years, I left them and returned to my hometown. Before the cousin was born, we lived at No. 1 in Yangjiao Bend, the house that was clean and simple for some years. There is also a small alley outside, surrounded by two low walls. The wall is old-fashioned grayish white, and the root of the wall is covered with a layer of blush, which makes people feel comfortable. It��s just that the white is dirty and self-note, and the wall is covered with scattered gray spots. After a long time, people will no longer pay attention to it. However, its existence is already a necessity in people's lives. If it is missing, it will make people feel empty, but if it is missing, it will not be able to say that it is at the end of this lane. It is a two-story bungalow. It is very real from the outside, only the heavy iron gate gives a sense of majesty. Just like my grandfather.Grandpa is very kind, but more often, what he gives is a kind of shock. Our family is doing business, and all of our careers are hard work by grandfather. Grandpa has the final say in the big things in the family. He was very strict with his family, especially his son, my father, but for his granddaughter, he showed extraordinary patience. One morning, I got up very early, and when I went downstairs, I was hit by my grandfather. Everything is quiet around the house, and everyone is still asleep. Grandpa asked my grandmother to do it for me Carton Of Cigarettes. I just wanted to go back upstairs after breakfast. My grandfather stopped me and he let me go. He is sitting on a little horse at the moment. The very tall grandfather sat on the little Mazza, which made me have the urge to laugh. Then the smile ran across the face, and even the foot trembled, with a smile he saw me so happy, naturally the facial muscles relaxed, his face inadvertently revealed the same innocent smile as me. The head trembled slightly and smiled and asked me what I had learned at school. At that time, he had not yet reached sixty, but his hair was almost completely white. Only a few small blacks stood in the middle of the white bushes. The sun shone on the gray hair, and it was covered with a thin, soft radiance, with a bit of bleakness. As the head shook slightly, I eagerly told him that I learned to sing Cheap Cigarettes, tone. There is a sense of pride in it, and reveals the idea that he hopes that he will sing to him. Because, he always listens to me with great care, while listening and laughing, will take me to buy things when I am happy. In addition to the temptations of gadgets in the supermarket that motivated me to sing, Grandpa��s laughter also played a big role. Grandpa laughed and looked very cute, his eyes smashed into a seam, and the muscles on his cheeks pushed up and stacked, but not I feel that there is something messy. On the contrary, from those muscles that are slightly loose, and suddenly slammed into a small nest, it always leads people toextend their fingers to move it.Grandpa really let me sing to him, I will sing the song N in a generous manner, sing straight and dry, and my lips are numb. The light that came through the window was also yellowish and dazzling by the clearing of the whitehe people in their sleep gradually woke up and went downstairs from the top down. They watched this little doll dance and sing and sing, and they couldn't help but lift the lips up. The two lips were sewed together, and a few "hehe" and "skull" laughs were made from the crack. sound. Although the little doll is not afraid of this laughter, after all, it is tired of singing, and he always thinks about buying things in his heart, then he takes the grandfather��s hand and walks outwards. of. After all, this northern sky is not like the rainy southern country, the rain is always continuous. The rain here is always passing by, so only when the raindrops start slightly, set the shelter that has been placed aside. Sometimes there may be heavy rain at night, that's fine. Anyway, no one lives below, and the shower is dripping, but the problem is on this board. At that time, the rain had just passed, the board was still in the future, or people forgot to take it. In short, the board was still there. I got a pistol from my cousin in that year. I simulated the gun and could put bullets - round and yellow, and there was a small bag of fifty cents. At th
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