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You have always loved Wang Guozhen's prose in memory. You always say that reading his article will have another experience in life, and there will be another feeling for life Marlboro Red. You always say that we have to go to a distant place. Perhaps this is after you have experienced so many hardships. Persistence in the belief that you are born in poverty, the family conditions are not good, and you are the old man, naturally receiving less attention and care. You have five older sisters. In the countryside, the sons should be taken seriously, but your family is just the opposite. Perhaps, because your father is also an intellectual, and there is no patriarchal idea. You were young and frivolous at the time. Rebellious. Your father is just a vigorous and violent person. He has a bad temper and thinks that you can't change it. So he drives you out of the house and gives you the work of a Hangzhou city government that belonged to you. You have been a soldier. I know that the days of the soldiers are never good, but you tell me that it is what you dreamed of. Your biggest dream of rebellious blood flowing in your bones is to be a soldier. A soldier with a shovel is always facing the distance. Even if you are out of reach, you have to go to the army to suffer. This is what you told me. of. I can't help but think of the scene of "eight hundred meters of squatting, fifty strings of slamming outside," but you smiled and shook your head and denied that you said that you just got excited from the army, but the alternative is Full of hardship and bitterness. But that has also become the most valuable memory in your life travel. You said that you and your teammates nestled in a few square meters of adobe room in the middle of the night with candles, watching the large volumes of Lu Xun's anthology; used to eat with colleagues Together, they listened to Chairman Mao��s eloquent preaching; they sang together in the sun rising place. ��The people who are soldiers are awkward. Although you finally retired for some reason, you still said: ��I never thought Whether it can be successful, but I am still in the distance, my dream is in the distance. No matter what, after all, you will listen to your mother far away and say that you and your grandmother are free to fall in love, and eventually come together, although many people stop it. Your father even wants to sever your father-son relationship with you, but you still insist that you are also an intellectual, and you can be regarded as the first family of the scholarly family. You have your own career, but you give up your career when your child��s career just needs you Carton Of Cigarettes. In the distance, you travel between home and factory and the delivery station every day at three o'clock. You are reluctant to spend a penny for yourself, but are willing to buy the expensive book set for me. You said that children need to study more, and in the future they will be able to go further and have a broader vision. You have the heart and perseverance, but why you are willing to be trapped in this small town. You have been silent for a long time, until that time, you smiled and said: I only need my heart to be far away. It��s different here. I��m just listening to it, but I still don��t understand it. I just remember that the words you mentioned repeatedly are still far away. You have gone far, even though you are very busy, but you still haven't forgotten the book. You are still idling over the scrolls, and you are doing a sentence on the book with dignified yet powerful words, despite the damp environment. It��s dark, but you��re still tireless. The news broadcast at 7 o'clock every night is your favorite. You never missed it once, you never miss it. Your vision is still in the distance. You believe in Jesus. You say that the convenience of the land of Jehovah is your destination. You said that you will go there someday. In that distance, you will listen to your dreams, concerns, and final destinations in the distance. But I don't know that the day came so suddenly a typhoon season, you still sat in front of the old-fashioned sofa and watched the news replay yesterday. But the wires outside the window kept shaking, so that the circuit was short-circuited from time to time and you reached out to touch the aging. The wires, but you have survived from the fourth floor, and you have been hit by electricity on the rainy days, and the back of your head is on the ground, the hard-flowing overflow of the brains Cigarettes For Sale, you finally go to the distance, with your dreams and The future is moving into the distance. The author's text has a power, scattered passages, piecemeal language, and fragmentary memories, all of which are very unique emotional expressions that are touching. The grandfather's life experience, his and my "I" life scenes are all presented between the author's confession and monologues, and have a poetic aesthetic that is memorable. In repeated repetitions and reconciliations, "far" is endowed with a very beautiful meaning. It is both a portrayal of the wish of a grandfather's life and an infinite grief of the author's love for his loved ones.

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