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13.07.2019 08:23
The sun seems to b Antworten

The sun seems to be very close, just touch your finger to touch its tenderness. But I know that even if I spread all my palms and fell into my palm, it was still cold in winter. Just being fooled by its warmth, forgetting that the season has been frozen. The illusion of everything is a bubble, but it soaks my heart and wants to make a drop of rain, fall into your warm arms, and burn me into a flame with your heat. The sea is too far away, just want to follow each other, heaven and earth, spend a good month. If love is stranded, the pain of that life, how to sew into the circle that thinks of you? If the red dust is a line, where should I find the string that belongs to you? There is a smog of smoke Wholesale Cigarettes, and when you turn around, you have been a dream of my heart. At this moment, it has disappeared a little bit, and only pain has become a habit. If love can add or subtract, then I want to gamble all at once, as long as your eyes are filled with my smiles without disturbing each other's quiet appearance, but at a glance, I fell in love with the sadness in my eyes. I can't afford the hope of the future, so I cut off all the illusions. Perhaps love is a kind of experience, a balanced symmetry. If it is a floating board, then I will sit in the center, so that I am not biased and not up. If the dream is only one square Marlboro Lights, I want to light a candle, tears blur my eyes, but I don't dare to cry. I am afraid that your shadow will fall on my heart, and I will never forget the new smile. I am a lotus in your eyes. The wind burns the cinnabar flame between the eyebrows, only a word of love. If I am a lotus in front of the Bodhisattva, then the cultivation of the millennium is only for the sake of the red dust. It may be short, just a moment of lingering, it will take a lifetime to pay homage. The sound of the wooden fish knocked across the bank, and every time it broke the desperate water lotus in the night, like the rain in the heart. Perhaps the red dust is a experience, left behind in the world, resentment, saying that the compassion of the Buddha is boundless, but why not refuse to redeem my loneliness? I am asking for nothing more than the most ordinary warmth. What kind of blame is this? You are afraid that I am stuck in your net Parliament Cigarettes, I will retreat and withdraw from your sight. A person can also walk through the long night, not to read you as warm, only lonely. How much is going around, I am still in your heart. Why do you want to let your heart be late every day? I have no demand, why are you so hard to love me a little, I want to be in your heart. If the scriptures have been smashed for thousands of times, there will be no margin in the scripture! Don't let despair fall into my eyes, you want to pity. The memory that can't be erased is branded with deep expectations. I hold myself in my dreams. Some things are out of reach, no longer mentioned, and I can't forget. There is only a light in front of the window, and thousands of thoughts are shallow. Buddha is talking about Zen every day, and my troubles are not less. There is an increase in unrelenting thoughts Cigarettes For Sale, pulling the strings, the other side
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