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13.07.2019 08:23
Life is like a Antworten

Life is like a clean white paper, you can always make it clean as new, or you can use a pen to describe it. The pen is a kind of pen that people often use. The same is true for music. When you are happy, listen to it, listen to it when you are tired, and listen to it when you are angry. When you are happy, listen to the joyful melody and let you like it. When frustrated, listen to some inspirational songs to revitalize your morale; when you are angry, listen to some quiet songs, let you calm down and think about yourself; when you are tired, listen to some passionate melodies to make you feel refreshed and energetic. Music is the second language of human beings. This sentence is not wrong. It can add color to your life. It can make your heart more beautiful. It can make a beautiful chapter on your white paper. Pencil - Book "Books are the ladder of human progress." People's life is inseparable from books. Books are friends of your life. There are countless famous sayings about books. The types of books are also diverse, for example. Divided by preference: Do you like literature? Look at Bing Xin or San Mao's book, do you like adventure? Look at Verne's "Two Thousand Miles Under the Sea", do you like science? Take a look at "When 100,000 Why", for example, in different situations, people like to read books differently: encounter setbacks? Look at "Eight Days Around the Earth", there will be more dangerous stories than the difficulties you encountered, encounter something that is difficult to understand? Take a look at "Ci Hai" Cheap Cigarettes, which will tell you what you don't know. How good is it to show off your life to others? Take a look at Gorky's "Childhood". The life described above is more bitter than yours; for example Marlboro Lights, by occupation or by age? Wait a minute, etc. There are many ways to categorize. Books are the key to people's opening of spiritual treasures. Reading seems to be talking to the author. Only when you study hard and study every day will you understand it, understand the true meaning of the author in this book, know the author, and pass this. Use the pen to understand life, seek truth, and obtain the spiritual wealth left by historical figures. Gel pen - Emotional people have seven emotions, people's life is inseparable from the word love, the most common of our own is friendship and affection, there is a saying "home by parents, relying on friends outside." The relationship between these two emotions. Family, nature refers to the relationship between you and your loved ones. Among all the loved ones, the most deep-seated with you is your parents. When you are young, they are raising you, and you are working hard to raise you, every day for you. Cooking, washing clothes Wholesale Cigarettes, and tutoring, this kind of grace is hard to report for a lifetime Marlboro Cigarettes. Friendship, naturally refers to your feelings with your friends. In the society, it is very difficult to fight a world by yourself without the help of friends. But with the help of friends, you have saved a lot of trouble by working hard. Friendship, sometimes your greatest help, sometimes it may be the source of hard work Online Cigarettes. Life is a plain white paper, but with these three pens, you can make life more colorful, life because of them wonderful.
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