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09.03.2019 02:47
I’m gonna level with y’all. antworten

Look , I’m tired.I only just finished decorating my tree two hours ago as of this writing and I still have a second one to decorate before the day’s out tomorrow.So I’m going to make this short and sweet and get right to the dog.As always, in finest Hair of the Dog tradition, all swear words have been replaced with [kitten] to make this safe to read at work.While I realize that today is Christmas Eve and most of y’all won’t be working Womens Kevin Johnson Jersey , I still added them because I think y’all deserve to keep the spirit of this tradition going even in this hectic time.On to the dog!Pregame ThoughtsWestonLukeFirst QuarterUTBFD(Eagles score on a fourth down conversion, lead 7-0.)UTBFDUTBFD (to UT)Second QuarterWeston(Texans kick a field goal.Eagles lead 7-3.)UTWestonBFDBurnhamWestonUT (to Weston)Weston (to UT)BFD (to Weston)Kenneth L.LukeUT (to Luke)Weston(Clowney sacks Nick Foles and forces a fumble that the Texans recover.)UTWeston(Deshaun Watson runs the ball in for a touchdown.Texans lead 9-7 after a missed extra point.)UTBFDLukeBFDUTWeston(Watt flagged for roughing the passer.)UTWestonBurnhamUT(Eagles score a TD again, fail to get two point conversion Womens Deshaun Watson Jersey , lead 13-9.)WestonUTWeston (to UT)(Deshaun Watson runs the ball in for the touchdown.Texans lead 16-13.)UTBFDWeston [Ed. Note:This is what they were chanting, there’s no way to edit it to make it SFW.]RyanHalftime ReactionsWestonBFDRyanUTThird QuarterWestonUT(McKinney intercepts the ball, ending the Eagles’ drive.)WestonBFDUTWestonRyanUTWeston (to UT)UT (to Weston)BFDWeston (to UT)UT(Eagles kick a field goal.Game tied 16-16.)UT(Eagles score a touchdown on their first play after the punt , lead 23-16.)UTWestonRyanFourth Quarter(Demaryius Thomas injures his Achilles.)UTDiehard ChrisWestonRyanUTWestonUT(Eagles score on the most “well no [kitten]” catch that everyone knew would wind up in the end zone, lead 29-16.)UTWestonLukeWestonUTLuke (to UT)UT(D’Onta Foreman catches a touchdown from Watson.Eagles lead 29-23.)WestonUT(Watson throws a marvelous pass to Vyncint Smith in the back of the end zone for a touchdown.Texans lead 30-29.)UTLukeJeremyWestonJeremyBFD(Eagles break a long run into field goal range.)BFD(Eagles kick field goal.Texans lose 32-30.)UTLukeBFDLuke (to BFD)WestonMDCGame BallsOffense - Deshaun Watson is our offense and our offense is Deshaun Watson, so he gets the offensive game ball.Defense - I’m hard-pressed to give this to anyone but I’ll give it to Clowney this week.Special Teams - Glory to Ka’imi Fairbairn and our all field goal offense.Got something you wish to add to this?Think someone got snubbed out of a game ball?Then let us know in the comments!Also Houston Texans T-Shirt , from everyone here at the UT household, we’d like to wish you and yours a very happy Saturnalia and all the various and assorted holidays attached to this time of year.Houston Texans News: June 28, 2018 Houston Texans NewsTyrann Mathieu’s Mouth an Important Part of His Game - HoustonTexans.comSee why the Honey Badger’s game is dependent on something unrelated to his physical abilities.Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins gives back at Hermann Park workout - Houston ChronicleHoustonians were able to work out with Nuk Wednesday morning.NFL NewsHunter agrees to 5-year Houston Texans Hats , $72M Vikings extension - NFL.comYou could say it was a good day for Danielle Hunter.Police investigating body found at Jenkins’ home - NFL.comAn unfortunate incident took place at the home of the Giants’ CB.Hali big on Mahomes: I compare him to Brett Favre - NFL.comCould #10 be the new #4?Houston & Collegiate SportsNBA free agency 2018: Rockets still pursuing LeBron James despite reports they’re lagging behind - The Dream ShakeCould the Rockets pull it off and land the King?Does the Astros Bullpen Need Help? - Crawfish BoxesWhat do the Astros need to do at the Trade Deadline?Toros travel to St. Louis after another draw - Dynamo TheoryRGV is heading to St. Louis.


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